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Shree Pranami Highschool
Shree Pranami Highschool
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Shree Pranami Highschool

Shri Pranami Education Organization

Yuva Mahotsav

Art is God gift. And therefore we develop crativity in our students. Creative work is as important as text book knowledge. We often organize various type of competition, events, and also celebriate the festivals at school. Our students enthusiastically participate in all the activities.

Drawing and Craft

Our students are taught about art, as it is the best medium for bringing out the best in children as well as it extends their imagination and makes them more creative.

Drawing and Craft

Drawing and Craft Drawing and Craft Drawing and Craft

Computer Education

Our school curriculum incorporates Computer subject to keep our students abreast of the latest technology as well as to stimulate and sustain their interest in other subjects, integrated with technology. We have fully equipped computer lab with 40 computers, a projector, LCD, Printers, Network, Scanner, Camera, etc. We have also seperate computer lab for LKG and HKG students, we teach them alphabat, Numbers, equations, etc. through computers games. We also show them devotional movies in weekends so that they learn virtues.

Computer Education

Computer Education Computer Education Computer Education


Regular picnics are arranged every year for the children, as picnics and educational tours widens their horizon.

School Picnic

Music & Dance

Music is an integral part of our curriculum. Students are taught vocal music and folk dances

NavRatri Mahotsav


Our students have an access to the library of Educational books and CDs.


Our school offers a facility of karate and yoga, that helps the children to build their mind and body, strong and healthy. Our students are encouraged to participate in other sports like kabaddi, kho- kho, race etc. Every year sports day is celebrated. Besides student actively, participate in the state level or nation level competitions too.

Sports Day Celebration

Run for Unity ( Marathon Event for Statue of Unity - 13 / Dec / 2013 )


Yuva Mahotsav 2015-16  /  યુવા મહોત્સવ ૨૦૧૫-૧૬




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