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Facilities in Pranami School

Computer Lab

Everyone in a society depends on Information Technology at work, home, school and everywhere. Due to this, Computers have become an important and indispensable feature of our lives. Since its invention few decades ago and the subsequent introduction of the Internet, it has become an essential tool for many students and adults alike. Computer is used at work almost in every office as well as at schools which usually have computer laboratories. Computers have made us to reconsider how students learn, how they inspired and more useful information in School that computers have become an important part of the curriculum and need to be used daily. Phasing out computer labs and putting computers right in the classroom for the preparation of their studies and teachings respectively. This is also very useful tools for students and teachers.

So in this context Shri Pranami School has a big computer lab well equipped with the latest hardware and software with the capacity of 60 students. Trained teachers are there to operate and teaching the students at large. Here the main aim of the school is to provide an excellent ambience, opportunity and the brightest carrier from basic level to advanced levels of learning. We are happy to declare that our computer lab is proved a successful instrument for the vertical development of the intellect level of our school children.



In this 21st century information has become a vital source and a basic need of education. To be a literate in today’s information age, students should have full literary information, means the ability to find and use information for lifelong learning. The students, who are information literate, understand how to locate, evaluate and use information effectively. Thus information is the first step to gain knowledge and School library or Resource Center is a key place for it. Shri Pranami School Library serves as a core place where students and teachers get academic support, develop reading habit, and fulfil the intellectual needs of all. This School library is the heart of the Institute. It has a good collection of Books, Magazines, News Papers, Maps, Atlas, E-Resources viz. CD and DVDs related to educational activities for day to day teaching, learning and ongoing personal and professional development of the students at large


Prayer Hall

It is situated on the Second Floor with the capacity of 300 seattings. It is a cool, calm, quite and fully vibrated positive place to procure divine inspiration and blessings through the recitation of prayers. This hall is also used for educational and cultural gatherings. Occasionally it is used as lecture hall. Selective prayers are recited during the beginning of each shift by the students. All most every year HDH Jagadguru Achray Shri 108 Krishnamani Maharajshri delivers auspicious lecturers, blesses the students, teachers and the staff. 



Play Ground

Sports play an important part in the school curriculum. They are an effective means of building the health of the students. Besides the books, games and sports also have educational value. It is necessary for the students to possess sound health if they want to pick-up their studies well. The old saying goes, “A sound mind in a sound body”. To fulfil its aim, education should provide soundness of health as well as soundness of mind. Realising the importance of sports, Shri Pranami School has made a provision for playground. There is an extensive area around the school building which has been covered into green grass. This playground is for cricket, hockey as well as football and other outdoor games. It has a gymnastic facility and children's courtyard also. Our school gives special importance to games and so it insists that all students should take part in all games.


High Tech Education (White Board Room)

To give better education through modern technology Shri Pranami School has introduced High Tech Education System for its students. In this Education system, it has started White Board Room i.e. a presentation system that connects a computer to a projector and a screen. Through the use of either special pens or even fingertips, presenters can manipulate the images on the screen. It helps the students to learn with fun and gain deep knowledge in the particular subject. The White Board Room has gave a new dimension and different mode to learning system throughout the world. It supports collaborative, mobile and personalizing learning to the students and also effectiveness to the teachers which would create an academic environment in the school.


Pure water (R O Plant)

Today's child tomorrow's future. To keep them healthy and safe Shri Pranami School provides pure drinking water with implant of R O System (Reverse osmosis). Main aim of the school is to provide hygienic drinking water combine with good quality of education. This would add the significance in the infrastructure of the school.

CC TV Camera

There are a variety of situations in which CCTV cameras are used to provide surveillance, especially to the school. Sometimes security guards are not enough in their premises to monitor and keep track of all the activities that take place. This system is usually introduced with complete awareness on the students, teachers and parent's movements. Shri Pranami School has installed the CCTV Camera everywhere in school premises for total security (safe working environment), monitoring, and controlling the students' activities and to avoid all kind of miss happenings and frauds.



Spiritual Education

Nijanand Gurukul is a famous caretaking Hostel for the boys arriving from the different parts of Saurashtra. It is a principal part of Shri Nijanand Sikshan Sansthan. From the establishment, this Gurukul emphasises to impart high moral and spiritual values of Indian culture and Religion among its pupils. The Hostel Superintendent is concern to organize daily prayers, weekly talks, monthly lectures and yearly gathering to fulfil the objective of this Gurukul. Acharya Shri 108 Krishnamani Maharajshri is the Master force to promote these spiritual educational activities.




Gurukul provides an appropriate platform to inculcate in pupils healthy food habits, table manners and inclination towards nutritious food. Four meals comprising of breakfast, fruit break, lunch and evening snacks are provided at the Gurukul with carefully planned micro menu by the Superintendent. Tasty, nutritious, hygienic and well balanced food is prepared and served with love and care. Students offer prayer before every meal. Teachers and mentors have meals with the children. A R O Plant is install to provide mineral drinking water to the students and staff.

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