Shree Pranami Highschool
Shree Pranami Highschool
Shree Pranami Highschool
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Shree Pranami Highschool

Shri Pranami Education Organization

Acharya Shri 108 Krishnamaniji Maharaj

 આચાર્ય શ્રી ૧૦૮ કૃષ્ણમણિજી મહારાજ


Education is not preparation for Life;

Education is life itself.

-Johan Dewey

We, at Pranami School, would provide holistic education which allows each student to develop his / her potential in all the fields - academic, physical, emotional, spiritual and social potential and enriches the community around it. One of our main vision is to develop global understanding along with to make education relevant, meaningful and interesting so that our students can meet the challenges of an ever changing global scenario. We aim to offer a vibrant centre of learning where each student is challenged and supported to become a compassionate thinker, dedicated learner and information literate for life, with respect and understanding for other cultures and acknowledging that others can be different and also right, and a contributing member of local and global community. We believe that students learn best under an atmosphere that is open, committed, disciplined, caring and conducive to learning. And that collaboration between students, parents, teachers and management can together build communities, strengthen educational opportunities and develop strong value systems. Let our school be a role model for its students as well as the community at large. 'Transform the potential into reality' is our motto.




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